Cost To Attend

We are only charging each attendee a small fee to ensure attendance and to defray some of the cost of the event.

Registration Information


Principles First is honored to invite you to our 2022 grassroots Summit in Washington, D.C. The Summit will focus on discussing and advancing a more principled, center-right politics in the United States, and our attendees are particularly interested in hearing your perspective.


Other gatherings cost hundreds of dollars to attend and line the pockets of their organizers. The Summit is different.


$ 35.00

For the Entire Conference

  • Access to the full two days of the conference
  • Access to the Speakers
  • Water Station With Snacks
  • Post-Conference Happy Hour Invite
  • Post-Conference Invite to Rep. Adam Kinzinger's Birthday Party

One of our core aims is to end the grift that currently plagues our politics. Because of this, we commit to transparency on how we spend the dollars we receive. Note, we are a 501(c)4 and are not legally obligated to disclose this information, but we will do so while respecting the privacy of our individual grassroots donors.


Currently, we estimate the total cost of the event will be ~$18,000 and we will not pay any honorariums to speakers. Tickets are $35 and the remaining costs will be paid for out of the group's current cash on hand, which has been supplied by our grassroots donors at an average donation of less than $100.




Conference Attire


For your comfort, conference attire is business casual.






You can cancel at any time - please let us know by contacting us and we will help you process a refund.




COVID-19 Information


Please visit the National Press Club information page to view up to date information on their policies and the relevant Washington, D.C. COVID-19 guidelines. The National Press Club requires being vaccinated to enter their premises and there is currently a mask mandate in place in Washington, D.C. until February 28, 2022 by order of Mayor Muriel Bowser. We are actively monitoring the situation for updates.




The Principles First 2022 Summit is hosted by the Principles First for America 501(c)4 organization. During the registration process, your personal information will be collected and used to provide Summit related e-mails. Principles First is using EventBrite for help with registration services. They may collect, store, or transmit your personal information in order to provide event-related information. We do not share or sell your personal information with anyone else.